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UPS for Small to Medium Businesses (SMB)

For home users and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), UPS systems play a vital role in safeguarding electronic devices, such as computers, modems, routers, and entertainment

systems, from power surges, voltage fluctuations, and unexpected blackouts.

These UPS solutions are typically compact, affordable, and provide enough backup power to allow for a safe shutdown of devices or to keep them operational for a short duration during power interruptions. They offer peace of mind by preventing data loss, protecting valuable equipment, and ensuring uninterrupted productivity.

In network and server environments, where uninterrupted power supply is critical for data integrity and system availability, specialized UPS solutions are utilized. These UPS systems are designed to provide reliable backup power to networking equipment, servers, storage devices, and other mission-critical components.

UPS for Three Phases (3-Phase)

In industrial and commercial settings, where heavy machinery and equipment are used, a 3-phase UPS system is commonly employed. Unlike single-phase UPS systems that provide power through a single line, 3-phase UPS systems offer power through three separate lines, ensuring a more balanced and efficient distribution of electricity.

They often feature advanced features like remote management capabilities, extended battery runtimes, and scalability to meet the power demands of growing infrastructure. UPS systems for networks and servers help prevent costly downtime, data corruption, and ensure continuous operation in the event of power disruptions.

UPS for Networks and Servers

These systems are capable of handling higher power loads and provide enhanced reliability and redundancy. They are commonly used in data centers, manufacturing plants, hospitals, and other critical infrastructure that demand a robust power backup solution.

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